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Thank you for your time and service as it is a God sent to those who have no other means to find assistance. My question is on behalf of a friend of the family who speaks minimal english and has no access to internet, I will explain her situation to the best of my knowledge.  She came here with her family about 3 years ago, however she did not enter the country on a waiver or visa, basically the way I understand it she entered illegally.  Her husband and older son who is 15, are both U.S. born citizens, but her youngest son and herself are mexican citizens. It is my understanding that they were in the process of filing for citizenship when her husband was arrested and later convicted on drug charges with a 3 or 5 year sentence, not sure about this, he has been in jail about a year now. In the meantime she does not have anything resolved as far as citizenship status is concerned, so therefore she cannot work legally, and has 2 boys to raise.  Is there anything she can do? Can she continue with the citizenship process on her own? Are there any exceptions as far as being able to work legally? Could she possibly be deported for doing odd jobs illegally, she is the sole, bread-winner and has to make ends meet somehow, will this affect her process? What can she possibly do?

They were not in the process of filing for citizenship. She has to get a green card first. If she neverhad anything pending for a green card before 4/30/2001, she is not eligible to get a green card here under current laws and if she goes to Mexico for her interview she can be barred from coming back for 10 years because of her illegal time here. If she is found by immigration, she can be deported for working illegally or just being here illegally. I do not see anyhting to resolve her situation under current laws.



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