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Because of failure to pay a ticket.  The final disposition was NOLLE PROS.

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Hello David,
Thanks very much for your help.  I had 2 interviews with the INS for my citizenship.  During my first interview I was asked to bring my driving history for the past 7 years (this record shows a misdemeanor of driving with suspended license on December 2001).  This information was provided during my second interview with the INS.  The second officer denied my application because I was not eligible for citizenship at the time, based on the information on the application.  I’ve been a Permanent resident since January 1999 but left the USA on April 1999 returning on February 2000 (less than 1 year), and I haven’t left the USA ever since.  I realized my application has a typo error: I recorded one entry as February 2002, when I really entered the country in February 2000.

The denial was also based on the unresolved issue regarding my moral character as it relates to an offense of driving while suspended license of December 13 2001.  

I have requested an appeal which was received by the INS already.  I will bring all my passports showing entries and departures from the USA.  But what can I do regarding my “Moral Character”?  Can I do community service hours?  Or sponge my records?  Please help me.


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Driving on a suspended license...why was it suspended in the first place?

A minor traffic violation would not act against you.  However, there seems to be more to this picture than you have painted.  Traffic ticket, failure to pay, nol pros and yet suspended.  Regardless, you need to establish that you have the moral character to become a US Citizen.

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