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Hi, My partner is currently applying for his citizenship we think there wont be any hitches  apart from this ;he is in the process of his divorce and is worried about the adultery question. We did not commit adultery until he was legally separated .How would this be viewed? How likely is it that this question would come up?
How long will it take for him to get his citizenship?
Also following him getting his citizenship we plan to marry. I am a UK citizen and he would petition for me to come. How long will that take and can I work when I'm there?

Thanks in anticipation  ( a lot of questions I know!)  

Unless there is a criminal conviction the adultery will notbe a problem. Citizenship requires 5 years of having the green card. Then the process takes 4-6 months. He can then file for a faincee visa for you and you would be here and able to work within 6 months of filing for fiancee visa. Then when you get here you could apply for the green card and get it within 6-12 months.

Let me know if you want me to represent you or him for any of it. 516 487 0500.



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