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Hello Mr. Hollander,

My question is regarding the status of my girfriend, Ada. She is an immigrant from China and has recently been informed her greencard and visa have been revoked. Here are the facts:

Age 28, works full-time, pays taxes, has a SSN and valid drivers license.

Married a US citizen in China 5-1/2 years ago. Her husband came back to the US while her papers were being processed. When she did finally come here her husband abandoned her.

2 years later INS scheduled a follow-up interview which she attended but had no proof of her husband's whereabouts and could not prove cohabitation.

Her attorney wrote several letters to the INS with her marriage certificate, pictures and both his and her passport copies.

6 months ago INS sends a letter stating her visa and greencard have been revoked due to "no proof" of a real marriage.

Before she spends any further $$ trying to get this fixed can you advise as to what her current situation is? Will she be deported? Is there any other way for her to get a valid visa without getting married to a US citizen?

Thanks for your expertise and time,
Lance  :)

She is illegal with no permission to work travel abroad or stay here. In order to deport her, Immigration would have to serve her with papers (Notice to Appear) for removal proceedings. She would then have one last opportunity to prove to the judge the bonafides of her marriage.

The only way for her to get status in the U.S. would be to get married, unless she has immediate family members who are citizens or residents. Immigration would question her on both of her marriages before approving her.



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