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Dear David,

  Thank for you recent answer. I went to see an INS Attorney and he said that the continuous without finding for one year of the assault in 1992 can be deportable and therefore I should not apply for Citizenship, is it true or do I still have to go forward and apply?.

Thank you

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Dear David:

   I have a permanent resident in the US since 1990, and I only left the country 3 times total of 60 days, but I have three issues here,
1-) In 1991 I was arrested for a charge of not obeying a lawful order of a police officer, the case was dissmissed.
2-) In 1992, I went to court for a cross complain of assult and battery, the case was continuous without finding for one year, later the case was dissmissed.
3-), in 1997, I was arrested for driving with a susspended licence, the driver licence was suspended because of a traffic ticket that I didn't pay on time, I had appealed the citation but I never received any letter to show up in court, The case was also continuous without finding and dissmissed later on.
I m trying to apply for Citizenship but I' m not sure if any of the above incidents would affect my citizenship.

Thank you

Answer -
It shouldn't, however the last thing you want to do is not to disclose it.  If CIS finds that you withheld information, not only will you be denied Citizenship you could jeopardize your permanent residency.  Be honest when you will out applications...more people are denied for lying or withholding information than for the infractions they commit.

Get back to me when you can explain exactly what happened with your case.  "Continuous" is meaningless in definition.
If the case was CONTINUED, that refers to action at a later date.  If the charges were dropped or dismissed, you are not deportable...HOWEVER, the arrest still must be reflected in any application you file.

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