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Dear Sir,

My husband and I came to US on 1993 on H1B visa. We got out greencard on 1997.
We had family problems at that time. My husband was arrested for domestic violence. The case was dismissed and he was asked to go for anger management class. Then I was arrested for reason of harassment by him. That case was also dismissed. These happened in 1999. We moved from that state to another state for a fresh start.

Now we have three kids and no family problems.

My question is does the arrest affect our chance of getting Citizenship for both of us? How much deatils should we provide about the prior arrest.

Please advice.


Based on what you have provided, it should not be problematic.  However, if you fail to disclose the ARRESTS, even if there was a dismissal, your application will be denied and you face removal from the US. DO NOT, under any circumstance lie or withold information.  CIS does a comprehensive check on all applicants with a myriad of federal and state data bases.  They will know.

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