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Hello sir-  I qualify for US Citizenship in two ways: I've lived here in the US for over 20 years without interruption...never left the country, and I meet all requirements.  Also, I have been married to a US citizen for over 10 years.  I would like to get my citizenship in the shortest time possible and in the easiest manner.  Would you advise me to apply for citizenship on the basis of residency or on the basis of having been married to a US citizen ?  Many thanks.

You do not qualify for Citizenship unless you have a green card. I would recommend you file for residency through your spouse. If you have had a green card for more than 3 years, you can apply for citizenship based on your marriage. If you have had a green card for more than 5 years, you can apply on your own basis without neeeding to be maried to a USC.


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