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Immigration Issues/Coming as tourist while I-130 pending


I just filed an I-130 and was received on May/23/2007.(return receipt) I am a citizen.  My mother has come to the US on numerous times and never has been out of status. She always goes back.  She has a tourist visa for 10 years now(meaning she does not need to go to the Consulate abroad again).  She was planning a short visit on July.  Is it true that she migth be denied at the U.S. airport office? and cannot come as a tourist anymore?

I am afraid that she might have to wait YEARS in Peru to immigrate, and cannot visit us as usual. She is 72 and a widower and my father left her with a good income in Peru (rents).  I filed because I read that the new law might eliminate her category.  CAN I REQUEST TO STOP HER I-130 to keep her coming as a tourist??? If she is able to come here can I upgrade her to adjust her status here. How long it takes?

How much you will charge me to help me?

Your I-130 will be processed in about a year not years. SHe has a history of coming and leaving and unless they ask her whether anyone has filed for a green card for her or check the database of petition, I do not think her trip here in July will be a problem.

Once she gets here you could apply to adjust her status. The visa was issued many years ago so they will not accuse her of visa fraud.

You can call my office at 516 487 0500 and we can discuss my representing her here or abroad.



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