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Can u please tell me if I have any chances. I came to USA in 2004 on J1 after a years i got married to us citizen who im still married too but he doesnt wanna send papers to INS with me. I left him after he abuse me and i have witnesses but i didnt go to doctor so i dont have any proof of his abuse, but he still doesnt wanna divorce me either. My passport will be expired soon and Im thinking what do i have to do. do i have any chances of gettin what I need from my husband. To be honest with u i dont wanna be with him but ill do whatever it takes  to get what i need :-)  

If he will not file or go to he interview with you, you can not get it through him unless you file a battered spouse case. This can be mental battery as well asphysical battery, You would have to have proof of the marriage, proof of the abuse and proof that it would be an extreme hardship if you were sent back to your country.

Otherwise, you can get divorced and look for a better husband!



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