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QUESTION: My mother  who was a permanent resident and is now a Us citizen filed the I 130  back on April 30 2001. the problem is i no longer can find the receipt from the post office to prove those forms or money order was bought and mailed by that date. I entered here on a visitors visa and have now been here since 1996 and I'm over 21. Uscis has a received date of May 3rd 2001 but I'm told now, that when my priority date is here i can be deported if i don't have those receipts as evidence that i made the April 30 th date. Please any help of information will be helpful.  I have sort help from my congressman b/c I have since gotten an associate nursing degree, but no luck so far.
ANSWER: File form G-639 to get a copy of your Immigration file. File I-824 to get a duplicate approval. It is not the date mailed but the date received that counts.



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QUESTION: I was under the impression b/c i was mailing the I  130 to be considered as part of the LIfe act that a post mark date b/4 or on april 30th 2001 was very important. Which i know i did but don't have the proof, and i was also given the impression that since many people were trying to make that deadline that any forms even though opened after that date but was postmarked for that day would have that date as the received date.  

It is my understanding that it was the date received that counted. I also heard that since so may were received that some were recevied on April 30 but opened on May 1. The receipt said received May 1, but had a paragraph that said it was counted as April 30th. I did not hear of any being marked MAy 2 or later having the same notation. At this point I would get a copy of your file by filing G-639. I t you can not get proof fo the actual receipt date I think you will have problems getting them to consider you under the 245i.





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