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Immigration Issues/Conditional Resident vs Permanent Resident ffup #2


I really appreciate your help.. but I do have another question. I just got my employemnt card and the name was still my maiden name...when is the best time to inform them of my new last name? when i get approval from the conditional resident (just waiting for FBI)? or asap?  i just dont want to mess everthing up especially when im just waiting for the security check to go through?
Thanks again

Expert: Robert Hollander Esq.
Date: 7/23/2006
Subject: Conditional Resident vs Resident..ffup

i appreciate the quick reply. I do have a follow up question....
How long does it take to have the Security checks? should I follow up every month? What do you think would be the minimum wait?
Again, thanks for everything!

Most of the checks are done within a few days. The one that can take awhile is the name check. Some people have all the checks clear at the interview and get stamps. However, I have also had cases take almost 3 years to get the name check. I would follow up every month.



I fyou dont mind using your maiden name - I would leave it the way it is. If you give the name change to them they willhave to redo security checks with the new name. You can always travel with green card and marriage certificate and passport. You also can file an I-90 once you get approved to get a new card with married name. This way you can travel with your old card while you wait for new card.



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