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Immigration Issues/Consequences after F1 to H1 transfer.


I am currently on F-1 and but received a job offer from a
company with an effective date of October 1st. They have filed for my H-1
and I have also received an approval.
However, I will not be able to start my job until 1st of October. Do I
need to go back to school for the Fall semester and be in school till
30th of Sep to be in status or since I have received my H-1 will it be
fine if I don't take classes.
what if i discontinue my course in the middle and
my university will take some action against me??I might be question when
i apply for green card later or not?.Is it lawful act that i will just
stop going school after my status changed into H1B from F1.


If you want to stay in the United States you should maintain legal status.  If you are on F1 currently you should stay on that status until you begin your new status of H.  

If you do not want to stay in the US then you must leave after your F1 is expired and you may re-enter ten days prior to the beginning of your H employment.

If you choose to drop out of school once you begin your H it is no big deal and will not affect any future green card applications.  However, if you do not maintain a lawful status during this time it will affect any future green card applications.  Good luck.
Mark Ashley

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