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On 07/19/2006 it will be my 5th year in the U.S. since I came here on 07/19/2001 (I have a green card since 01/22/1999). Between 07/19/2001 and now I've to Poland once for a period of 8 months and three times for 2 months each. How could I excuse that 8-months-absence outside the U.S. to qualify for naturalization at this time? In the informations for naturalization they mention that if your family was present in the U.S. during your absence you could get away with that, or they mention something about tax records for that time and the form IRS 1722. I'd like to add that I have all the income taxes since 1999.
Thank you
Lukasz Korzen

Any trip over a year makes you statuorily ineligible to apply. Since your trip was 8 months,m you are eligible to apply now. When you go to your interview, I would bring an affidavit explaining why you needed to stay so long and add all the evidence that you did not abandon things in the U.S. like taxes, bank accounts, bills, etc.



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