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Immigration Issues/Conversion from F1 visa to H1 visa


Dear sir,

I am now in USA on F1 visa and I have a job offer from a company in USA nad they would file for my H1 visa. please let me know if I need to go to India for H1 visa stamping or can I get the stamping done in Mexico or Canada?

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Do not violate your F1 status while waiting for approval of an I-129 filed on your will be denied.
As long as you can enter Mexico or Canada legally, you can receive your visa there. HOWEVER it may take time to get it, since the employer needs to prove you have the skills and education not available in the US.  How do you plan to survive in the US?  You CANNOT work or remain in the US without a valid visa.  your best option is to return home and get your visa there.

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