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Thank you so much. Our true intensions are to immigrate to US only. We always maintained legal status in US till I entered. We (Myself and my employer) spent more than $12,000 in last six years for H1B visas and employment based  Green card applications. Like most of us (silled workers from India) in USA, we applied Canadian PR as a back up, if for some reason US immigration efforts fails. US GC takes for ever. Also, there is always some kind of uncertainty till we get the green card in hand. I understand that one point of time one has to take a decision which way to go. For us that point has not yet come. More over I do not have job in Canada, but I do in US. If we have option for Canada in future, we can settle there, rather than going back to home country. That is the reason why we applied canada PR. We have spent US$3000 for Canada PR. Now our Canada PR is approved and we need to land before expiry of visa.  Also, our GC process in USA is very final stage (AOS), and I certainly do not want to give up that as because I waited about 6 years in US to reach this point. Also at the same time I want to keep option open for Canada to immigrate in future. This is a tricky situation. Your advise based on our situation will be highly appreciated.

If we tell the truth to border patrol/immigration officer, will they deny our entry into USA after we accepted th canada PR? Thanks again..
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Question -
We live in US since year 2000. We have always maintained legal status. After very hard effort, we are in very final stage of GC application. Our application for adjustment of Status as permanent residence are currently peding with USCIS. Though all our non-immigrant visas are expired, we have a valid advance parole document, to make a short foreign travel.

Two years ago, we have applied Canada permanet residency as a back up plan for US permanent residence, as US immigration takes more years. Our intension to live permanently in US. However, for some reason if our US immigration efforts fails, we want to migrate to Canada.  

Now we got approval of Canada Permant Residence. We need to land in Canada to become PR, before the expiry of Canada immigration visa. Can we travel to Canada to become PR and return back to USA using Advance Parole document? Will our travel to Canada jeoperdise our GC application?.

Can the border patrol/immigration officer deny our return entry to USA after our short travel to Canada to complete permanet residence process in Canada? I am getting mixed answers. Your answer will help me to plan/cancel our expensive trip to Canada?

Thank you,,
Answer -
As long as you have a valid reentry permit you can return to the US.  That being said, I have a problem with what your true intentions are, either you want to immigrate to US or Canada.  You can't have both.  It will eventually come out and don't be surprised if your US application is denied.

"If you tell the truth" ?!  You mean there is even a consideration of lying?  One sure way to lose any privileges in the United States is get caught lying.  you may wish to consult with someone else, I have little tolerance of people with questionable integrity.

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