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My mother-n-law (a cuban national) visited us in 2000, she was given a 6 mos. visa by the USA but she stayed 7 months.  We did not realize we should have asked for an extension, she is now trying to come visist again and the US office in Cuba is asking for the letter of extension from her first trip, we do not have one to give them.  It was trully a matter of us not realizing we should have gotten an extension during that first visit, she never had any intations of staying permanently then nor now, we just want her to visist and get to see her new grandchild.  Is there anyway to ask for "forgiveness" for what happen then so they will allow her to visist now? canb we sign any guarantees, anything what so ever? who could we contact? Thanks!

Since she did not stay more then 180 illegally, she is statutorily eligible to apply though the decision is discretionary. I would be hones twith them and explain the oversight and see what happens. If she had stayed longer she would be subject to a 3 or 10 year bar.



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