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Immigration Issues/Currently working on L1 and now have H1 petition approval


This is for my nephew. He has been working on L1 since last 3 months. He has received an H1 approval this month ( Nov 06)through another company.

The question is that:

1)Can he still continue to work on L1 for the company that he is currently working with?
2) Does the H1 approval mean that his status is now H1 and that he cannot keep L1 status?
3) Does he have to go back to home country for visa stamping or can start working for the H1 company if he gets a project through them?

Please clarify.

Thank You,

He can only have one visa.  He will need to go to a US Consulate Office in a foreign country, not necessarily his own, to receive the H1B visa.  What he doesn't want to do is violate the terms of any visa he may hold.  In other words, he is not permitted to work for the company that petitioned for him with his current L visa.

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