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I have been living with my husband for 12 years most of it in Honduras.He was here on tps and was deported because he broke into our house and was deported.I did not file charges. He was deported in 2003 it will be 2 years I sent for a pardon to the governor of calif and feel i will get it the district attorney signed the paper to ok it.I am confused on what papers to file with the immigration i know the i130 but they say i need another form because he was deported.Also after he was deported i went to honduras and we were married and i save all my phone bills and money and packages sent. my children know him and he was involved in my family. there is a big age difference 25 yrs but he is a good husband and does not run around he is very mature.We lived together 10 yrs and we have been married 2 yrs in sept. Can someone tell me what todo please.Also will i have problems because of our age difference. I am ill and need him here because without him here i cant even afford my health insurance.he worked here and is a good worker. help me please thank you

Even if you receive a pardon from the Governor of California, it does NOT change the circumstance of your husbands removal from the US.  State law does not superceded Federal law.  Immigration law is quite clear when it comes to convicted criminal aliens.  Your husband falls under a 10 year ban from the United States.  After 10 years, he can apply for permission to reenter the US, (if he qualfies for a visa), from the Attorney General of the United States.
And due your age difference, if and when, he is granted permission to reenter, your marriage will be thoroughly scrutinized by the Office of Investigations, Immigration and Customs Enforcement.  If marriage fraud is found, both of you will face serious consequences.

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