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Immigration Issues/DUI effecting my character??


Hello Robert
I am currently a green card holder and live in Maryland. In 2001 I was issued a DUI and at the same time was applying for citizenship. I was declined due to a portion of the application that says that I have to be a person of upstanding "character" (something to that effect). Anyway, I was just wondering how long they hold that against you. Since then I have completed my Masters degree and have worked for a variety of biological research company including one involved in helping homeland security. I have done nothing else that would jeopardize my character, as far as I know (unless speeding tickets also apply). I would appreciate any advice you could give. Thanks for your time.

Raj Jandu

You are statutorily ineligible for citizenship until 2006 and even after, when you become statutorily eligible, they can deny it in their discretion. If you were given any probation as part of the conviction, you are not eligible until 5 years after probation not conviction.


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