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I filled the application  because they did not have acces to the internet in cuba, the only way to apply for the dv lottery was on line and since they could not do it that way i did my friend that favor

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Question -
Last year i filled out an application for the Dv Lottery, this
aplication was for some friend of mine who resulted winner in
august 2006, well when i filled the aplication i included his
actual wife and her daughter, whose not his daughter but as a
minor was willing to travel if he resulted winner, the problem is
that at the time the aplication was filled i did not include his
son's name because his son was not going to travel since my
friend is divorced form the mother of the child and she was not
going to authorized the child to leave the country, for this
reason my friend has been choosen inelegible to travel to US and
was not given a Visa. They have the case open and waiting to
present forms I-601 and G-325 to reconsider the case, but i
want to know what prove i can provide ans to whom i can
present because  in this case the error was mine because i was
the one who filled the application for the Dv lottery 2006, and
they've been denied because of my ommision at the time the
aplication was submitted.
Thanks so much i'll really apreciate any help or ideas since this
is the only way they have to leave the country(cuba).
Sincerely Aurora

Answer -
Why were you filling out the form? On the face of the information you provided, it gives every appearance of fraud.

You can submit an affidavit that you are the one who filled out the form.  however the sticking point in this is the non-relative included in the original application.  It gives every appearance of deceit, in other words, "trying to pull a fast one" by including this non-relative child on the application.  You should know, that applicants from countries such as Cuba will be scrutinized as there is a vast amount of fraud committed in trying to leave Cuba...understandbly so, but this is exactly why the applications are scrutinized.  When you friend fills out the bio form (G-325) and I-601, make sure he provides evidence for each person he lists as an immediate relative - birth certificates.  He can do this at the US Consulate Office in Havana.

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