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Dear David,

what´s the shortest and more efficient method one must try in order to be sponsored for an Immigrant Visa or a temporary work visa?

Can I arrive in US and contact an immigration lawyer whitin 2/3 days?

Can I propose being sponsored by US citizens and enterprizes just thru the web?  

If yes, is there a sort of fair, agency, convention, whatever where sponsors and applicants meet?  
Forgot: I´m Brazilian, single, no criminal records, have a degree in Journalism but dont work in this area.

Prior to entering the US, you must have already a sponsor who has approved application in your behalf.

You may contact an Immigration Attorney anytime you want, once you legally enter the US...for that matter you may contact one before you enter the US.

Your wording borders on desparation to get into the US.  Just what are your intentions for coming to the US?  Word of advice, if your entry into the US is found to be fraudulent, you can be arrested, sentenced to prison, then deported back to Brazil.  Citizens of Brazil coming to the US are already on our radar screen for similar situations.

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