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Hello, my fiance is from Canada, she has been here in Virginia with me for 9 months now. She didnt need a Visa or green card to get here, just proof of Canadian citizenship. We cant marry yet because she is in the process of a divorce from a very abusive husband which further emphasizes the reason for her not wanting to return to Canada. My main question is, on average, how much of a priority is it for INS to seek out and deport Canadians simply for an overstay. She has done nothing wrong and is a great person. How afraid should we be of deportation. We are worried of INS showing up at our door. Please advise because we are paranoid beyond belief! Thanks so much, Stan

You have a reason to be paranoid.  She abused the terms of her admission into the US and has in fact committed a crime in doing so.  IF she is caught she can be deported. Once that happens you can forget about a future together in the US.  She will not be permitted to enter the US for a minimum of 5 years.  Immigration is getting very serious about visitors who decide to stay.
My recommendation, she goes back to Canada BEFORE she gets caught then come back again.  Once she gets a divorce you can file a fiance visa (K-1) for her.  DON'T BE STUPID!

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