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My divorce became final 6 days before the approval of my I-751. I had been married for 3.5 years and had filed the I-751 jointly some 13 months earlier. My attorney sent a letter to NSC informing them of the divorce, and asking whether any further action needed to be taken. No word from the CIS to date. I will be retaining an attorney for the N-400 coming up in 2 months. Should I expect difficulties? My marriage was bona fide and I have plenty of evidence to prove it including letters from my ex wife and her family. Any advice? Thank you.


You filed the I751 petition to remove conditional status prior to your divorce, and it has since been approved.   You should have permanent resident status, is this correct?
I assume you do have permanent resident status. As long as you do not violate any law that would jeopardize your status and you abide by the terms to qualify for naturalization, you should have no difficulties succeeding in naturalization even though you divorced the original petitioner.

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