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I am in a confused state now. I came to US in Nov 2005 with a Indian company on L1. I appled for a new H1 from other consultant in April 2006 and it got approved in July 2006. Meanwhile, my Indian company transferred my L1 to H1 and it got approved in August 2006 (which was initiated in May 2006).
Now, what is my situation. Do I need to move to the other consultant after Oct 1 2006? Or else, Can I continue in the Indian company and be choosy in times (shift to whatever H1 I wish)?
Please provide me your valuable suggestions.

The only visa recognized by the US Government at this time is the most recent approval.  The other is nol and void.  you cannot just "shift" to whatever you wish.  You are here for a specific reason (visa) any violation can render you subject to deportation.

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