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I am in a confused state now. I came to US in Nov 2005 with a Indian company on L1. I appled for a new H1 from other consultant in April 2006 and it got approved in July 2006. Meanwhile, my Indian company transferred my L1 to H1 and it got approved in August 2006 (which was initiated in May 2006).
Now, what is my situation. Do I need to move to the other consultant after Oct 1 2006? Or else, Can I continue in the Indian company and be choosy in times (shift to whatever H1 I wish)?
Please provide your valuable suggestions on the same.

You can work for 2 H-1 emplopyers at the same time but it should be according to the hours on the applications that were filed. If you were approved for 20 hours per week at each that is fine but if they were both full time, you should file amendments to one or both of them.



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