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Immigration Issues/E2 spouse getting divorce


I have a friend who is getting a divorce who is currently in the US as a result of her husbands e2 investment visa.  he is in the middle of a divorce with her in Japan.  The issue is they have both applied for a green card status and the issue is still not solved.  meanwhile, he got
someone in Japan pregnant and is going to petition for her to come to the US.  Will my friend have to immediately leave?  does she have any recourse in a US divorce court even if they were married in Japan?  

Getting someone pregnant does not allow him to petition for her. He would have to get a legal divorce here or in Japan and then marry the other woman. As long as he is still married to your friend she is still a derivative of his case. Once she is divorced she is technically illegally here unless she can transfer to a different status.



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