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Immigration Issues/Effecting Change of Visa Through Reentry into the U.S.


Hi Robert,

My husband and I are going to Texas and we plan to enter on our B1/B2 Vistor Visa, on June 1st. I was accepted to UT to do my Masters in Bus. Admin. however, we can't enter the US on our F1/F2 visas before 30 days of the start of the program, (start date is Aug 29th).

Our plan therefore is to

1) enter on the B1/B2 on June 1st;
2) leave around end of July, driving through Mexico and re-enter the US immediately using our F1/F2 visas and getting a new I 94.

This sounds like it's okay to do from my research and I would aprpeciate your views. Thanks,

It is fine as long as you do not get an inspector that is in a bad mood and who might let you in on B-2 but cancel your F-1 or cancel your B-2 and make you go back and wait for proper time to enter on F-1. What is the purpose of your visit in June?



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