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David my boyfriend is an illegal alien and he has been working in building houses for the last 5 months. His boss knows he is iilegal and pays him cash. About two weeks ago he told my boyfriend that he could not pay him for the week he worked because of did not do the job right. Does my boyfriend have any rights?

Well, your BF could take the boss to small claims or go to the US Dept of Labor. Whether or not your BF is illegal, it is illegal for the employer to withhold wages in this case. Under 8 USC 1324, besides violating the law in hiring an illegal alien, the employer in this case faces criminal arrest for 'Peonage'...(similiar to slavery).  The employer is obviously using your BF's status to his benefit.  ICE, IRS, DOL, and other agencies will have quite an interest in this individual.

Question - do you plan on getting married? Tell BF to get legal, he'll have more impact.

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