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A very dangerous man I knew entered this country under a false pasport and ID from Venezuela. He stayed in this country for more than 5 years illegaly using two different names. He became a drug addict,stole property from me and others, had several run-ins with the law including assaulting several officers while intoxicated and after wrecking a stolen vehicle and was convicted and sentenced to jail but he left the country to avoid serving time. I am afraid that he will try to again enter this country with false documents or thru Mexico. Can he do this without immigration stopping him ? If he does, what can anyone do to get him deported?

Unfortunately, fraudulent identification and documents are a problem.  The individual you are speaking of can enter the US due to the open borders, illegally, without anyone knowning.  

If wish you may leave me as much information about this man as possible
Names used; date of birth; addresses previously used, physical description. Anything you can think of.  You can remain annonymous.

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