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Immigration Issues/Expired travel document and Re-enter in USA


I David
My name is Henry and I'm in USA
I have a question about my father's current case.
He was approved for a refugee status and come in United State in March 2005.  In November of 2005 He wanted to go to Europe to visited my Old brother who's wife has tweens little baby. We got him a refugee Travel document and He was able to go to Europe.
He came back in December 2005 after 4 Weeks. Then He decided to Go back to Africa Neighboring country to pay visit to one of His old business friend who got him excited about some business prospects in his country.
But now my dad is in Africa and overstay his days and his
travel document has expired.
Now his getting seek and I want him to come back in USA
and I don't know Where to start because
1. His been more than six months out of USA and according to the process I have read for a refugee cases. This his considered to be an abandon of status.
2. His refugee Travel document has Expired this makes his Re-entry to USA a problem.
3. He can't go back in my country because political situations that made US to seek refuge in US (specially himself)still standing.

I told him about all these risk but He did not take them seriously. but he still my father and I find myself obligate to act.

What can I do. Where can I start the process.
I what is the shortest way because he is seek. I was thinking about re applying for his passport and send it to him so hi can board the plan and once here we can try to deal with the re-establishment of his status (if it is already been considered as abandon case by the immigration. )
would this work?
Please let me know if there is anything good as alternatives.
Your reader Henry

He can go to the US Embassey in the country he is located and reapply for political asylum.  However, with his history of loftiness regarding the generousity of the USA with granting him political asylum, I doubt the generousity will be there this time around.

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