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I am getting my H4 visa stamped to stay in status after the expiration of grace period on my F1 (Aug 28,2006). I have also received the approval notice of H1B without the change of status.

Will I have to file for I-539 from H4 to H1.

If so, then when will my H1B start, I believe not from Oct.1st  

My opinion is that as soon as you get the H4 status file for change of status to H-1. Then as soon as it is approved you are in valid H-1 status and on 1st trip out you can get H1 visa. The other option is to leave the country before 8/28 and go to U.S. Embassy in mid september and get H1 visa and come back in to set up things for work to begin on 10/1.



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