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I'm sorry for asking for another follow-up, but I still don't understand whether having been out of status will affect my application for H4.

As you know from the previous questions, I have good reasons for acting the way I did at all times, and have done nothing illegal, but the fact still remains that I was out of status for two months, albeit without knowing it.

How serious an infraction is being out of status for 2 months, without doing anything else wrong? On a scale of 1 to 10, say, with 10 being my visa gets summarily rejected, and 1 being my visa is easily granted once I give my explanation, where do I stand?

Thank you very much for your time and patience. I truly appreciate it.


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Thank you for clearing up your point...student fraud is rather common in the US.  As long as you have abided by the terms of your admission as an F-1, an H-4 is possible.  You do realize with an H-4, you will NOT be permitted to work inthe will be here to accompany your spouse only.

Being out of status can and will effect your being admitted into the United States.  Inspectors at port of entrys have the discretion to deny entry to ANY foreign national, even with a valid visa if it is found that there was a previous violation of terms.

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