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Immigration Issues/How can a F1 Visa holder write off the business expense????


I am a International Student with a F1 Visa, involving in a real estate business. It includes buying, fixing-up, renting, selling......

I am filing my tax return. I try to write off my business expenses. My CPA says I can file it as a "rental properties" or "self-employed" I can only write my expense off, if I am self-employed. (I am in VA) But, I think it would violate my legal status of being "employed"?

I thought of forming a LLC?
Trying to get a business visa?
Or maybe somewhere there's a loophole in that grey area that only professionals can find?

Do not know what's my next step.

PLS advice.

I would follow your CPAs advice but remember, you cannot "work" while on a F1 visa.  You can invest and make money, and their is no problem with that.  But no working.

Depending on what country you are from, you may be able to get an E visa to reside here while managing your business.

And I think LLCs are great for a number of reasons.

Good luck.

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