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Dear Sir,

I am currently a Chinese student in Purdue university. I am going to attend a conference in Hong Kong this December. I worry about my F-1 visa application in China since I have not gone home for almost 10 years and have not any other travel record after I came to US. I have got my BS. and Master degree in US and now pursue my Ph.D. degree.

Could you please give me some advice what kind of documents can be helpful for my F-1 visa application when I am back to China? Is it too  risky to go back this time? I have another one or two year to graduate.

Thank you very very much!

Best regards,

Bring copies of all I-20s degrees and transcripts and proof you are currently full time student. Travel during vacation periods of school. There is no guarantee but if you have maintained status it should be ok. If you were out of status for even a day I would not risk it.



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