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Immigration Issues/F1 visa and 485 adjustment


Dear Robert, you have helped greatly in the past month. as you know,me and my husband filed I485 for me in April 2006.
my husband also filed I130 for me at the mean time. (I have been and will be a legitimate student over all the time.)

unfortunately, we left US for without Ad.Parole. I luckily or ( not sure if it is lucky now) got my F1 visa and now back to US even though I truthly filled out the forms for F1 visa application.NOw the question comes.

(1)should I go ahead do the finger printing thing or I should stop doing anything concerning status adjustmentI485.
(2)If  they will find they had  made a mistake giving me F1 visa, would they deport me?
btw,(3)I will graduate with my ph.d, and am  I better off to get a green card through the university , where I would be a assistant professor ?

Thank you so much.  

You have 2 issues. First you left without parole so your I-485 is abandoned. When you go to the intervierw for this application, they will likely deny it since it is considered abandoned. I recommend re-filing now.

The second issue is you came on a nonimmigrant visa and you want a green card. The worst that will happen is they will make you file an I-601 for the inherent fraud.

Let me know if you want me to handle the case as you had said before.



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