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Immigration Issues/US F2 to H1B visa transfer - Need to go out of USA for stamping ?



I'm a Indian national currently in USA on a F2 dependent (student) visa and would like to convert to an academic H1B visa in my university. This academic H1B visa is not subject to the cap (like professional H1B visa of the industry) as my University is a non-profit organization.

My questions are:

1. Can the processing be done here in USA while I'm currently on F2 visa.

2. Once the H1B is approved, do I need to go out of USA to get a stamping so that I can be paid by my employers. What about I-94 on the passport - do I need it to get paid?  

You can file the I-120 here and change your status. The approval will issue you a new I-94. On your first trip outside the U.S. you need to go to the American Embassy in your home country and get an H-1 visa stamp. If you dfo no tleave the country you can use the approval letter to show status and get paid.



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