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hi this is kalyani,i came to Us in 2005 on F2 and my husband got H1 approval in october 2007.i applied for the SSN.till now i didnt get it.i can't start working without husband is going to canada to get H1b stamping in january 2007.i can't go without pay stub.but we have to go to india in february 2007.if dont get the SSN before we go to india do i need to change to H4 because my huband is going to H1b stamping?can i go canada with him to get H4.if i change my status from F2 to H4 is my H1 approval is going to cancel?or i can work from coming back to india?if i get my SSN?or do i need to apply for H1 again in next cap quota.please help me with this.

Do you have an approved H1B petition that was filed on your behalf?  You do not need an SSN to have your visa stamped, however you will need one to work.  When you provide proof to the SSN administration that you are authorized to work, you will be provided an SSN.  How do you qualify for the H1?  If your husband has an H1 you will be permitted an H4.  Keep in mind, H4 are not permitted to work.  

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