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Immigration Issues/F2 visa, with H1B application approved, travel out of US.


Dear Robert,

My wife held a valid F2 visa, which will be expired in Mar, 2008. She got a job offer this month, and filed an application  for H1B visa. Now the H1B is approved, but it will be valid until this Oct. We want to have a trip to Europe in the coming August. MY question is: 1) Is there any risk for us to travel out of us before Oct? 2) Should my wife need to apply new visa when we return to U.S from Europe? Thanks a lot!


If your wife goes out, she needs to go to her home country and get the H-1 visa stamp. They will not do that for her until probably mid September. If this is not feasible she should stay here until after Octoebr 1 and then on her next trip out go to her xountry and get the stamp then.



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