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Immigration Issues/FBI background check takes forever!


I married a US citizen in late November 2004.
On January 17 2006 I had my USCIS interview with a bureaucratic stiff and all ended inconclusive. Missing also was the FBI name check and a court clearance.

Today, June 28 I had my second interview and the female officer was very personal and human and basically approved all but could not complete since she did not have the FBI name check!

1/2 a year+ !!! How and why is this taking so long?

Rob in S.F.

Name check is done by other agency not Immigration. They will not approve until they receive response from other agency. This can be anywhere from a few days to a few years in some cases. Your only recourse is to file a mandamus action in Federal Court, which will cost a lot in legal fees or wait for the answer.



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