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Dear Mr. Hollander,
I am italian , married my american wife in July 2005. I got my interview on Feb 16th 2006. All was ok but the security check. Now we are just waiting. We also asked out congressman, if that helps...
In November we wanted to move to Atlanta from San Francisco, and then go to Africa for 7 months to volunteer. Then come back here and live here in the US. Since I have a travel document, this are my questions:
1) Can I move to Atlanta while waiting for my security check ? What happens ?
2) Can I travel while waiting for my security check ? Obviously within the date of expiration of my travel permit.
3) what happens if I get approved while I am travelling ?
4) Since I have been in the USA with an L1 since 2002, why is the security so complicated ?

Thanks a LOT for any advise !!

If you move they may have to transfer your file to the local GA office before approval. In any event it would only delay your case not speed it up. You can travel on current parole and be back before it expires. If it gets approved while you are traveling you will have a card at your house when you return and if they know about it at the airport they will put a permanent resident stamp in your passport rather than parole you in. Security checks encompass many federal agencies. Name check is the one that takes the longest. It has nothing to do with how long you have been here. They can not approve until they get a response fromt he agency they are looking for a response from.



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