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filed for Adjustment of status based on marriage to a US citizen. We went for the interview in the local USCIS office( Houston Tx). The interview went fine but I was told that since my name background check was not complete they wont be able to give me my Green card nor would they stamp my passport
It's been more than 18 months. I contacted the FBI, they informed me that fingerprints results have been sent back to INS 2 years ago but they couldn't give me any info on my name check. I visited INS with a info pass appointment. they could only tell me that they have been waiting on my name check results from FBI for over two and a half years now I feel stuck and my file is simply trapped in the system with no result. I need help. Any advice to get the process going. Thank you.

There is nothing that can be done to expedite the name check - thousands of people are in the same situation - when I was at Immigration last week the supervisor told me that they have cases that have been pending name checks for up to 5 years.



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