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My name is Lotfi and I am a Student Film maker in Hackney Brooke House College. I am about to make a film documentary about Sham Weddings in London.

Sham weddings are illegal by law but an Option for illegal immigrants to stay in the UK.

I would like to know if you have any information/report relating to this matter or if you know a person that I should interview and has great knowledge about it.

Please reply to this email. Your help will be credited
Yours sincerely

Lotfi Bouakaz          
Brooke House College
Kenninghall Road London E58BP
07949993382          02085257150

Marriage fraud is felony in the United States.  Yes, many immigrants do enter into shame marriages in order to circumvent our immigration law.  However, ALL applications for immigration benefits relating to marriage are investigated before the application is approved in the United States.  Anyone found to have perpetrated a marriage fraud, including the US Citizen faces a minimum of 10 years in prison in addition to a substantial fine.

And it is not an "option'.

Unfortunately, we do not participate in films that in any way aid in violation of law.

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