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Sir, My Brother is a US Citizen, He filed a petition for my parents , the process took about a year, and now they will be getting their final call from the embassy in a month or so, and will then be travelling to the US, after that they want to file a petition for me, I am 17 right now, but obviously they cant file a petition for me now, as they have to wait until they get Green Card, I want a suggestion from you, I want to study in US, Should I apply for Immigration Through My Parents or Should I apply for Study Visa, We At This Point of time have property out here in Pakistan which is worth approx 1,75,000 US $ and some bank accounts, which contain about 30,000 US $, I am a good student, and i am able to take admission in a US Universty. What are my chances ? and I apply through Family Based Immigration , What WOuld Be My Age At The Time I would be allowed to travel to US . ThankYou, Regards, Mubashir

Family based relates to US citizens and their depemndants. Although you might obtain permanent residency through your parents, you are not a priority case.  Get your student visa and in the meantime, your parents can file for you.  While attending school you can file for a change of status.

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