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I have a friend who is a US citizen. He wants to return to Thailand in order to have an engagement ceremony with his girlfriend. After his engagement ceremony, he will file I-129F to petition for his fiancée. He plans to go back to Thailand and get married to her in Thailand after she obtains her visa.

1. Will he be able to do that?
2. If he gets married to her in Thailand instead of in the USA, will his fiancée be able to enter the USA with her fiancée visa?
3. If yes, what will he and/or she do next in the USA?

Thank you very much.

Either she comes here on a K-1 Fiancee visa and they get married here within 90 days of her entry, or they get married there and she applies for a K3 visa. To do that, they get married there and he files an I-130 petition for her and when he gets the receipt for the I-130 he files the I-129F to get the K3.



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