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I am sure you've heard the story 100 times... My fiance (we've been together 4 years) entered the country legally with his family in 1996 when he was 12 on a tourist Visa from Mexico. His mom and dad ended up staying here, and since he was so young he had no choice. Well, the visa has long since expired, he is now 22. He went to high school and community college here and is working under the table at a family business. We are going to get married soon, and I just want to know how difficult this is going to be? I have been told that he will not have to leave and re-enter the country since he entered legally. How long will it take for him to get a work permit? Residency? He already has an employer lined up who will hire him once he is legally able to work, and will sponsor him for his citizenship if he goes to school and trains for a specific skilled job. Can you please give me some direction and possibly a time line as to how long it will take once we are married to get his residency and work permit? We are now discussing whether or not we're going to get a lawyer... is it better that way?

Thanks so much in advance!


It is not hard. How long it takes depends on shat state you live inand how fast your local office processes cases. The work card will take about 3 months from filing. His employment does not matter - it is your support and that of a co-sponsor that matters. Having a lawyer makes the case go smoother. You can call my office for a free phone consultation - 516 487 0500.



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