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My daughter is a Canadian citizen, living in the US for about 18 months. She initially entered the US on a student visa, then obtained a visa which permits her to work due to financial necessity. She is engaged to a US citizen (they are living together, have wedding arrangements for July 17 etc.) She would like to obtain a Fiance Visa to enable her to quit school and work full time. First of all, is there any point to pursuing this, since the wedding is only 3 months away? If it is practical, does she have to leave the country in order to change her status?  Reading government regulations is not my line of work. She currently has a full-time job that she is most anxious to keep. Thank you so much.

She can not get fiancee status without leaving the country. There is no point to doing that. She can get married now civilly and then be able to file the Immigration papers and then be able to have the religious wedding in July. After marrying she can file for a green card and include an application for a work pernmit.



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