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When I was 16 in 1995 I was arrested for aggravatad robbery. I was certified and to be trialed as an adult.I fell under the 73rd Legislature. I was practically born in the U.S. but unfortunatly I was born in Nicaragua. I came to the U.S. when I was just a child. All my family resides in the U.S. and I do not have family in Nicaragua. In 1997 I was sentenced to 10 years under Texas Department of Corrections. I was released in 2004 with 2 1/2 years on parole but unfortunatley they deported me. Now I have been alone down here for quite some time. I am 27 years old now but I dearly miss the country I was raised from and most important my loved ones my family. I understand the seriousness of the felony aggravated and meaning when being deported. Before being deported lawyers mentioned to me within 2 years I can file for Clemency in hope of returning. I know I have some positive point of views of my case like the fact I was just a juvenile when all this happened and eduacational background as well. I recieved my diploma as a Paralegal and have taking many courses to further my education. Being in Nicaragua I have managed to survive financially. My question is: How can I return to my family? Who do I contact? I have family in Houston and we are willing to hire an attorney to have me return to them. Please give me some advice.

As an aggrevated felon you have no chance for 20 years, even with clemency. Clemency does not take away the fat that you committed the acts that are an aggrevated felony in the Immigration Law, that carry with it a 20 year bar. I do not recommend you spend much money for lawyers. Thye will take your money and in the end you will still be in Nicaragua for a long time.



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