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I just married my girlfriend of 2 years and getting ready to file petition, AOS, and work permit, and advance parol all simultaneously. I had allegally worked 2 jobs under my real SS# and paid taxes. Would they check and investigate if enter N/A under SS# and a bunch of waiting tables & bartending jobs that paid cash? I'm affraid that the truth will cause a denial of my application. An Attorney had posted on a web forum that they did not extensively check. Please help, i'm really frustrated. Thanks in advance and God bless you.  

You need to clarify your question a bit.

Are you the alien or is she?

If you are, what type of visa did you enter with and when did it expire?
What country are you/she from?

I am not sure what "allegally" (no such word) means or that entire statement...or the rest of your question for that matter.
Try and be a bit more comprehensive with your information.

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