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I just married my girlfriend of 2 years and getting ready to file petition, AOS, and work permit, and advance parol all simultaneously. I had allegally worked 2 jobs under my real SS# and paid taxes. Would they check and investigate if enter N/A under SS# and a bunch of waiting tables & bartending jobs that paid cash? I'm affraid that the truth will cause a denial of my application. An Attorney had posted on a web forum that they did not extensively check. Please help, i'm really frustrated. Thanks in advance and God bless you.


They will not check - they might even care more that money is coming in to the family than that your working illegally. The bigger issue for you is the advance parole. If you have been here illegally for more than 180 days, I would not leave the country even with parole until you get your green card. Otherwise, you could be barred for 3-10 years from getting your green card if you do not get a pardon.



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