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Immigration Issues/Filing the Reentry Permit (I-131) from Guam


Dear Mr. Hollander,

My wife's current reentry permit is about to expire.  We are living in Japan temporarily, and know that we must file for a new reentry permit from within the US.  Our permanent residence is in Hawaii, but must we travel back there to file the I-131, or can we mail it from Guam (not a state, but a territory)?  I have spent hours online and calling the BCIS info. line, but no one can clear this up for us (a trip to Guam would be MUCH cheaper than Hawaii just to mail the application to their Nebraska Svc Ctr).

Thank you very much for your consideration!


It is technically okay to file from Guam,but the real issue is whether INS feels you have abandoned your residence. File the I-131 from Guam, send by certified mail and keep the receipts and have the permit send to the U.S.embassy abroad where you will be. I hope you have proof of not abandoning residence, such as bank account, taxes, property etc.


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